13 December 2017 - 10 January 2019 News

The Buon compleanno Sic event will this year come back home...

The wonderful event will take place at Palasport Flaminio and will be the VII° edition of Buon comleanno Sic. This year event will be on friday 19/01/2018. 

Yesterday at the press conference for the event was Aldo Drudi, the famous motogp designer , Andrea Gnassi mayor of Rimini who strongly wanted the return of this event to his town, Paolo Simoncelli and Sergio Sgrilli artist director and organizer with his agency Menti Pensanti of the whole event. 

With the partecipation of Giuseppe Giacobazzi, Giovanni Cacioppo, Nuzzo e di Biase, Paolo Migone , Martin Finnigan and so many others.. 


You could purchase tickets as a present for Christmas and at the same time, help the foundation!!    http://www.vivaticket.it//ita//event/buon-compleanno-sic/108057


Best wishes and have a good holiday!



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