31 January 2020 - 21 April 2022 Our collaborations

We are honored to present the collaboration with Garelli from San Marino, that will continue for the next two years. 

A collaboration which sees us involved in a limited edition of electric bikes and motorcycles dedicated to Sic, in favour of both the Foundation, to which part of the profit will be devolved, and the environment, as numerous scientific studies show that electric vehicles are a smart choice. 

Until 2020 we’ve financed Marco Simoncelli’ s home, a daily centre we donated to the Montetauro’s Community. This year instead we will stand with the association Frutti dell’Albero, in order to build another daily centre for kids with the autism spectrum disorders in Ferrara.

(All information on our website, in the section: OUR PROJECTS).


Visit their website to discover the all the models and get ready for summer 2021:


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