20 July 2017 - 20 July 2018 News

We have seen someone claiming to “own” the Super SIC Day on Facebook.

We have also learned that this has triggered conflict between two biking clubs. Additionally, we have had reports of insults directed at volunteers and members of the Foundation, currently under investigation at the general headquarters.  In light of this incident, we are left feeling sorry and hurt. Those who stand up to this kind of people are the unselfish ones, the ones who love the sport, who love to work hard for something more than just a day of celebration, who above all celebrate Marco’s memory and all those who work day in and day out to keep it alive so that it can grow and become a beacon of hope for the present and the future, through projects that are possible thanks to donations collected at the events that the Foundation puts all of its energy into organising.

In light of the above, we find ourselves forced to make our position clear: the “Super SIC Day” is not the property of any individual motorbike club, or of any entity or individual.

Super SIC is a registered trademark belonging exclusively to 58 Forever Srl, licensed to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation and used to signpost the first of these events. The Foundation allows it to be used by those who are able to propose worthy projects that are in line with the Foundation’s core values. The first Super SIC Day was held in April 2012 in Coriano (RN) organised by the 58boys, with many other motorbike clubs, such as Oristano, Latina and Stelvio, following suit. The format of the event itself is not the exclusive property of the Foundation, which merely grants the use of the trademarks (not just Super Sic) and carries out an "institutional" activity of its own: fundraising. These funds are entirely devoted to the development of social work which is public, transparent, and is accessible to anyone via their website, which should be enough to lay any doubts to rest. In recent years, however, the trust that the Foundation has placed in the organisers of individual events and the request for transparency as a basic element of any partnership, has not been reciprocated to the same degree. For this reason the decision has been taken to update existing activities, introduce procedures that guarantee authenticity and try out new partners.

The “Super SIC Day”, intended as an event and not just part of our brand, belongs to anyone and everyone who was a fan of Marco, or who has experienced that special feeling that makes his memory continue to be beautiful and important, even after all these years. We don’t want any more petty conflicts, just dedication, participation and a desire to work together to achieve a higher calling, that is to say doing the right thing for those in need.

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